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Designjet 1050C Initializing Looping

Posted by Bob Wert on

The plotter started up fully, only after running its normal self-test in the beginning and then started printing.  Otherwise it will get nearly all the way through the self test, and just continue in a loop, restarting and doing another self test, over and over and over.  From my online research, it sounds like either the logic board or something worse.  I really don’t want to spend the money on it having it serviced by a local technician, as it is an older plotter.  Thoughts?


Matt Franks

Since this is an intermittent problem and the plotter has a few miles on it, the problem is most likely an interconnect problem.  Access the memory and boot ROM area from the back and remove the memory and ROM.  Clean the edge connectors with a pencil erasure and put them back in.  Access the HDD and reseat all the connectors associated with it.  If that does not correct the problem, replace the Firmware ROM.

I hope this helps.

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