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Designjet 500 Rejecting Print Head

Posted by Bob Wert on

We just installed the printheads. Thanks so much for sending them out yesterday. However, the machine flashes the exclamation mark on the yellow printhead saying that it is worn out (on the new printhead). All of the other ones have their status as "inserted". Since acquiring the printer, we replaced the belt, the interconnect cable, the ink tube system, and the ink supply station. The printer finally prints, but the patterns come out like this (attached) and the machine says it failed to align the printheads. When the carriage moves, it seems as though there is a slight lag between how the belt pulls the carriage and its movement. What should we do to proceed?

The machine is a designjet 500 42".


The symptoms you have described are caused by a communication problem between the print head and the main logic board.  You said you have replaced the "data" cable.  If you mean the trailing cable attached to the carriage on one end and the emod on the other, you have eliminated the prime suspect.  If you mean the data cable that attaches to the small interconnect board behind the display on one end and the emod on the other, I recommend you replace the trailing cable.  If that does not resolve the problem, then replace the carriage.

Let me know if I can be of further help.

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