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1500-0856 Designjet 36" (E-size) 600 / 650C Carriage Belt

1500-0856 Designjet 36" (E-size) 600 / 650C Carriage Belt

  • $ 5600

HP Designjet 600, 650C Carriage Belt 1500-0856 E-size (36" print width)

Belt connecting the carriage motor and the carriage, moves the carriage left and right. E-size for 36" plotter. This is a new upgrade polyurethane belt. This is a replacement part for the following plotters:

DesignJet-C1633A C1633A
DesignJet-C1633B C1633B
DesignJet 600 (D-SIZE) C2847A
DesignJet 600 (E-size) C2848A
DesignJet 650C (D-SIZE) C2858A
DesignJet 650C (D-size) C2858B
DesignJet 650C (E-SIZE) C2859A
DesignJet 650C (E-size) C2859B
DesignJet 200 (D-size) C3180A
DesignJet 200 (E-size) C3181A
DesignJet 220 (D-size) C3187A
DesignJet 220 (E-size) C3188A
DesignJet 650C/PS (24-inch/Postscript) C3791A
DesignJet 650C/PS (36-inch/Postscript) C3792A

E-size Designjet 600, 650C, 200, 220 Carriage Belt

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