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Designjet 500, 800 Belts & Kits

HP Designjet 500, 800 belt and repair kits

Save lots of money by fixing your Designjet yourself!  Repair and calibrate your Designjet 500 or 800 belt replacement and complete belt kits for do-it-yourself repairs.  Call 800-959-1575 for free technical support.

LPS brand Designjet belts are the ONLY Designjet belts made in the USA and exceed OEM belts for precision and longevity.  LPS brand belts are 100% made in America in an ISO9001 factory on American made moulds (wholly owned by LPS).  

LPS belts are made from the best quality High Density Polyurethane and genuine DuPont Kevlar and have an unconditional 2 year guarantee.